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Optional In-depth Report Upgrades

The basic report includes the Wordpress Report. You can upgrade to include further in-depth reports covering the most important aspects of your website. Please read the description below for more information on each additional report, written by experts in their field.

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If you are looking to improve your website, make more sales, or generate more traffic and leads, then we can help with our in-depth WordPress reports.

WordPress allows all technophobe’s to design and run their own website, but sometimes you will need help from other people. We have experts eagerly waiting to offer their ideas, opinions and professional advice on your website. The report can cover as many different aspects of your site as you would like, with a detailed document sent to you on completion in less than 5 working days. We do not make any changes to your website when compiling your report, we simply show you what you could improve to take it to the next level.

WordPress Report

This is carried out by one of The WordPress Guys and will cover all the WordPress aspects of your website. Including:

  • Theme and Plugin audit – ensuring your plugins aren’t conflicting and that you have the latest versions installed. We will also check for plugins that we know can cause problems and suggest alternatives.
  • Full security audit – to check that your website isn’t venerable to common hacks.
  • Page urls – reporting on the structure of your website from the visitor point of view as well as the search engines.
  • Plugin suggestions – offering a list of plugins that would benefit your website by improving it’s functionality.
  • WordPress Health Check – a general MOT of your site using our website checklist. We also check the settings for your site and our recommendations will be included in the final report.

As well as our standard WordPress report, you can cherry pick from the other reports shown below, all custom written by experts in their field.

Search Engine Optimisation Report

This report is essential if you are looking to improve your website ranking in the search engines. It includes:

  • On site SEO – including keywords and page descriptions as well as hidden meta-data hidden in the code.
  • A check that your pictures and graphics have descriptions, to let search engine spiders know what they are depicting.
  • A rank check on how much authority the major search engines give your website.
  • The number and quality of backlinks you have pointing at your website.
  • Search position report for 10 keywords specified by you to see if you are ranking where you expect to.
  • Any further general comments that our expert has for your website SEO

Professional Copywriter Report

This report focuses on the textual content of your website. If english was not one of your favourite subjects at school, then this report will be invaluable to you, and could make all the difference to keeping visitors on your website for longer. If your website has a large number of pages, then this report will deal with the most popular pages. It includes:

  • A check for glaring spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Readability – measuring how easy it is to understand the writing on your website. The average reading age is estimated, meaning the amount of formal education needed to comprehend the your website copy.
  • Suggestions and ideas on how to give your headlines more impact. This is one of the most important parts of your copywriting. The headline needs to grab your visitors attention and compel them to read the rest of the page, otherwise you may well lose them to your competition.
  • Opinions on the style of the writing on your website – is it written in the first person, the third person, is it consistent from one page to another.
  • A summary of what to focus on to make your copy stand out more.

Layout / Graphics / Usability Report

This report will show you if your current website layout has been designed with the user in mind. How easy is it for your visitors to find the information they are looking for. It will focus on design and usability, two of the essential elements for a website to make sales and conversions. The report will include:

  • A report on how your website navigation is performing. Is it easy to understand and find what the visitor is looking for, and is it consistent throughout the website?
  • The filesize, file format and the physical size, of your graphics can have a dramatic effect on the speed of your website. This report will highlight any optimisations that can be made.
  • More and more people are using mobile devices such as phone and tablets to view websites these days. The report will include details of how your site looks on these devices, and whether it is responsive or not – will it adapt to different size screens?
  • Do the graphics on your website fit within the same style, so they look like they belong together? Is the look and feel consistent throughout the site?
  • If you are offering products for sale, is it easy for your visitors to make a purchase, or do you require them to jump through loads of hoops?
  • Websites that work well allow the visitor to find what they are looking for within 2 or 3 clicks. We check to see if this is the case for your website.
  • The usability evaluation looks at how easy it is for those with disabilities to find what they are looking for on your website. Your website will be tested on screen readers designed for people with varying degrees of blindness.

Expert Marketeer Report

Our expert marketeers have many years of experience with online websites and e-commerce. They will write a custom report for your website to show how well you are marketing your product, treatment, service or information. It includes:

  • Does your website clearly show what it is that you are offering? Does it have clear calls to action for your visitors, in places where they are known to work best?
  • How many means of communication do you have available to your visitors? Do you have different ways of capturing the visitor and customers details to allow you to market to them later, and build up your “list”
  • Our expert will offer suggestions on how you can make changes and additions to your website to market it better, and give you ways you can explore that will result in more sales and visitors.
  • The only way you can acurately tell if your website is working well for you is to test and measure the response. A/B split testing is one of the marketteers weapons, which may be something they will recommend for your site. It is an ongoing task, and tests should be monitored at all times. Our expert will suggest ways to put systems into place to allow you to perform these tests, and ensure that you measure the results.

Social Media Report

Social media is increasingly becoming more important as more and more people sign up to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and all the other sites that have been built for social interaction. This report will focus on what exposure and impact your brand or website currently has socially, and how you can go about increasing awareness. The report will include the following:

  • Has your website been built to be social media friendly? Does it encourage  visitors and customers to share their experiences and information held on your website with their social media friends?
  • Does your website, brand or product have any buzz on social media? Does it encourage people to visit your website, or engage in public forums in social sites?
  • All websites need to be socially aware these days, and so our expert will make suggestions on how to improve your social media presence.
  • Social Media can benefit your website in many ways, and the report will include simple ideas that will give people a reason to “talk” about your site and drive traffic to it.


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