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Website hosting changes over time, and there are many reasons why you may want to move to a new host. It could be that your website has become very popular and your current host is no longer financially viable, or you have a brand new website that you want to put in the place of your current site. You may also be moving a website from one domain name to another, which is quite common during the re-branding of a company, or when you purchase a website from a third party.

Transferring a WordPress website requires careful planning to ensure that no data is lost at any time, and the the downtime is kept to a minimum. We take the following steps on all transfers:

  • We take a full backup of your existing site before any further work is carried out.
  • The site will be put into maintenance mode so your visitors know what’s going on
  • We then physically transfer the website files and database to the new server location, and make all the necessary database adjustments.
  • You will then be contacted to allow you, or your domain name registrar to change the Domain Name Servers (DNS) to point to the new server. (We can help with this if required)
  • Once the site is live on the new server, we test each page (or a representative set for larger sites) to ensure the links are correct, the images work, the permalinks are functional and perform a number of checks on the admin side to keep make sure that your site is 100% functional.

Our experience allows us to keep downtime to a minimum, although where DNS is involved there may be some time which is outside of our control. To combat this we are able to perform a site move at a time of your choice (yes really), we recommend when your visitors are asleep, so the move goes by unnoticed.

We can also quote you for additional work at the same time, such as domain work, website merges, or forwarding old urls to new ones (for new websites)


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