WordPress Plugin Development

There are a great number of plugins available for WordPress, both freely available and at a premium, and that part of what makes WordPress great. No matter what you want to do, there is probably a plugin that will do it for you…. except sometime there isn’t one that does EXACTLY what you want to do, or doesn’t do it quite the way you need it to.

And that is where we can help.

Custom Plugin Development

We can, and frequently do, write plugins for WordPress, in fact some of them are freely available in the WordPress repository. We have created plugins that link WordPress to third party services such as Pushover and Infusionsoft, and have specialist inside working knowledge of WooCommerce, a popular WordPress eCommerce platform. A plugin can be anything from a few lines of code to tens of thousands of lines depending on what it is required to do. We are always keen to hear about your ideas for plugin projects and we can provide you with a fixed quote to develop the plugin as part of our bespoke service. This comes with all of the benefits of the bespoke package

We are also able to work on plugins created by others to extend or fix any functionality that may be broken due to plugin and theme conflicts or newer versions of WordPress. We have a vast amount of experience in plugin development which you can read about in the about us page.

If you can dream it, then we can probably build a plugin to archive it.

To request a no-obligation quote to bring your plugin idea to life, please fill in the following details, and we will send you back a personalised quote.

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