WordPress Graphic Design

Getting a WordPress website to look exactly as you want it can be difficult. Most website owners are not trained designers, or graphic artists, and so creating custom graphics that are compelling and draw your visitors in are outside of their skill set. There are also designers that are a whizz with Photoshop, but don’t have the knowledge or experience of designing for a website, or WordPress.

We have trained professionals who can help.

Custom Graphics

We can provide custom graphics for your existing website, to replace the header image, or key graphics within the site to give them a more modern style, or to suit the look and feel that you are aiming for. We can also design you a new logo, or re-branding for your business, providing you with high resolution files for use in the offline and print world.

Full Website Design

We can also provide a complete website design from scratch. One of our graphic designers will work with you to design the site of your dreams.

We are able to complete the work and provide you with the full source files in whatever format you prefer. We like PSD (Photoshop) but assuming we know in advance we can give you any format you need.

We will also grant you full ownership of all copyrights to the artwork and designs, so you can legally do with them whatever you like without asking for our permission.

Request a Quote

Costs vary according to your requirements. We are happy to put a package together based on your specifications. Simply fill in the form below to get your no-obligation quote.

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Please note that this service is for the design of your graphics or website, it does not include converting those graphics into a WordPress theme. You will need to purchase the Custom WordPress Theme in addition to this one for the full design and implementation service.