How Bespoke Works

Our bespoke service is here for when you need something out of the ordinary, custom graphic design, plugin development, or anything else WordPress related. In short, anything that doesn’t fit into our services products.

Our bespoke work is always quoted on an individual basis, so you can be sure you are getting the highest quality product at our best price.

All of our bespoke work comes with the following assurances:

  • We only employ experts to work on your projects to ensure that the quality of our work is of the highest standard.
  • All of our quotes are clear and concise. There are no hidden extras. You will know exactly how much a project will cost before deciding whether to go ahead.
  • Once work is started we utilise an online project management system which allows you to keep in direct contact with the expert working on your project. This allows a very clear timeline, log and reminder of what has been discussed about during the duration of the project.
  • All coding will take place on our own staging servers until it has been singed off at which point it will be released to you, or moved over to your live site to complete the project. No need for you to use up any of your own hosting space which may slow down access to your website, or add to your hosting costs.
  • If any training is required for the work we provide, this will be given once the project is complete and will be included in the quote you receive. The training will be given on a one to one basis, and will be held live over the internet. We may record the training for your future reference if we feel it is required.
  • All coding work undertaken will include a 30 day grace period to allow you time to get to know the system and use it as an opportunity to break it. If you find any issues within this time then they will be dealt with within 24 working hours for you.
  • We will look after you from conception through to delivery, offering help and advice from our experienced experts when requested.

A great deal of our bespoke work comes to us from past customers, and word of mouth.

Our top priorities are great customer service and a high quality product that will have you returning to us again and again in the future.

Take a look at some of our bespoke options, and feel free to request a no-obligation personalised quote.