About Us

Who Are We?

Who Are We

We LOVE WordPress… we love what it can do, we love how it can look, and we love the fact that it is easy enough for anyone with word processing skills to manage their own powerful website

The WordPress Guys even met (virtually) via a WordPress plugin that was conceived, coded, tested and submitted to the repository on a wet Sunday afternoon, while each of them kept warm and dry in two different cities of the UK, many miles from each other. They both realised that their passion and knowledge for this amazing software platform could be put together and the two of them would become “The WordPress Guys” – Superheros in their own lunchtime.

The Experts

Whilst we form a formidable team we can’t do it all and sometimes we require someone who is better suited and an expert in their field for particular jobs. Sean famously avoids Social Media & SEO, however Gordon enjoys that sort of thing. We have assembled a team of experts with a wide variety of skills, ready to lend a hand when needed. When we take on work we will ensure that you get to speak with one of the WordPress Guys, and we will then manage everything, and everyone needed on your behalf.

The majority of the work will be carried out by one of us simply because we love our jobs.